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Strategies for Winning Partnerships

Fundraising is typically a constant need when it comes to youth sports, and the right partnership can significantly reduce that stress on facility managers. Explore the dynamic realm of sponsorships in youth and amateur sports facilities, as we delve into insightful conversations with industry expert Mark Dvoroznack, co-founder of Base Sports Group. By channeling his varied experiences with landing mutually beneficial partnerships, he created an organization that seeks to secure those for other youth sports organizations. In this blog, we'll hear about the pivotal role played by partnerships in shaping community centers, fostering growth, and creating positive impacts. Discover the nuanced strategies employed by Base Sports Group and gain valuable insights into the key elements that make these partnerships thrive. For more fundraising wisdom, check out our episode on Nonprofit Fundraisers.

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Tales of Triumph

In the bustling world of youth and amateur sports facilities, sponsorships emerge as catalysts for growth, community engagement, and enhanced experiences. Uncover the keys to successful partnerships, from evaluating facility value to navigating exclusive pouring rights. Delve into the nuances of local collaborations and discover why starting small can lead to impactful relationships. Gain valuable perspectives on ROI vs. ROO and explore exciting partnership opportunities, from the WNBA to the Army. Learn the essential stats to showcase to potential sponsors and why small businesses should be the first stop on the sponsorship journey. Elevate your sponsorship game with Base Sports Group's expert advice.

Covered in This Episode:

  • Finding your Objective
  • Start with Stats
  • Local Leaders
  • Successful Partnerships

Highlights and Key Moments:

  • "If a brand comes in and spends $50,000 and their return on investment is $30,000, they're not going to come back."
  • "Building those relationships within your community with local banks, insurance agencies, restaurants, and attractions is important."
  • "I think these facilities are massively impactful on the future of our country and the future of our communities."
  • "One of the critical mistakes is evaluation in terms of what facilities are worth, and the second is understanding the difference between a partnership and advertising."
  • "Partnerships are not just transactions; they are the lifeblood of thriving community centers."

Finding your Objective

When defining successful partnerships, there is a critical distinction between Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Objective (ROO). While ROI traditionally quantifies the monetary return on a sponsorship, ROO extends beyond financial metrics to evaluate the overall objectives achieved, such as increased brand awareness and community engagement. The discussion between potential partners advocates for a holistic perspective, emphasizing that successful partnerships often encompass both ROI and ROO. This insight encourages facilities to not only measure the financial impact but also to appreciate the broader, non-monetary benefits that contribute to the long-term success of both the facility and its sponsors. By balancing both aspects, youth sports facilities can build robust, enduring partnerships that extend beyond mere financial transactions.


Start with Stats

When seeking new sponsorship partnerships for youth sports facilities, a pivotal factor is the strength of data you can provide. While connections, face time, previous relationships, and intrinsic values can get you in the door, statistics are what will make or break the buy-in for potential brands. A great place to start building comprehensive metrics includes demographic information, foot traffic numbers, and participant demographics. These stats serve as a valuable tool to present a clear picture of the facility's audience and its potential reach. By understanding and showcasing these metrics, facilities can articulate the value they offer to potential sponsors, aligning their brand with a targeted and engaged community. The discussion emphasizes that these statistics act as a bridge between facilities and brands, providing a solid foundation for transparent and mutually beneficial partnerships. 

Local Leaders

Base Sports Group advocates for a strategic approach when it comes to facilities new to the world of sponsorships, emphasizing the significance of starting locally before venturing into national partnerships. The win is rooted in the immediate community, tapping into local businesses, banks, insurance agencies, and restaurants. These local partnerships not only serve as a foundation for understanding the dynamics of collaboration but also establish a genuine connection with the community. Starting small and local allows facilities to showcase the positive impact of sponsorships on a grassroots level, creating a ripple effect that resonates with both businesses and residents. This approach fosters a sense of camaraderie, as local businesses become integral parts of the facility's success story. As relationships with local entities flourish, facilities can then leverage these successes to attract larger, national chains, armed with a proven track record of creating mutually beneficial partnerships that contribute to the overall growth and success of the community.


Successful Partnerships

While the possibilities for partnerships within youth sports facilities are endless, some of the most impactful options line up with encouraging the next generation to dream about their future. Connections such as the WNBA engaging with a women's basketball tournament and the Army organizing push-up contests at halftime vividly demonstrate the innovative and diverse ways in which brands can connect with young athletes. These partnerships go beyond mere logo placements, aiming to foster memorable experiences that resonate with the aspirations and dreams of budding athletes. By delving into creative collaborations, the potential rests for partnerships to shape the future of young athletes, leaving a lasting impact on their sporting journey. It emphasizes the importance of forward-thinking alliances that not only benefit brands but also contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of the athletes themselves.


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Thank you for joining us on this episode of Facility Playbook! We hope the knowledge shared serves as a valuable resource for facility owners and managers seeking to thrive in the ever-evolving sports industry. Stay tuned for our next episode, where we will continue to bring you expert tips to help you navigate the dynamic world of facility management

As we wrap up this look into Sponsorships, one thing becomes abundantly clear – partnerships are not just transactions; they are the lifeblood of thriving community centers. Whether navigating exclusive agreements, measuring impact through data, or fostering local relationships, the intricate dance between facilities and brands showcases the immense potential for growth and positive change. In the coming years, let's continue unlocking the power of partnerships, creating lasting impacts on the future of our communities and the world of sports.

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