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The Facility Playbook: Learn from Pioneers and Veterans in Facility Management

Welcome to the Facility Playbook, a podcast dedicated to helping facility managers and owners learn from the experiences of pioneers and veterans in the industry. Hosted by Luke Wade, founder and CEO of Facility Ally, this podcast aims to provide valuable insights and tips for effectively managing sports facilities, entertainment venues, and clubs. With Luke's background in managing a sports league and developing software to automate operations, he brings a unique perspective to the table. Join us each week as we delve into the world of facility management and discover how to optimize your operations.

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Revolutionizing Management of Sports Venues, Entertainment Facilities, and Clubs

The Facility Playbook podcast and Facility Ally's all-in-one platform have revolutionized the way facility managers and owners operate their sports venues, entertainment facilities, and clubs. Luke Wade's journey from managing a sports league to developing software for automation led to the creation of KC Crew and eventually Facility Ally. The podcast aims to fill the educational gap for facility managers, providing insights and best practices from industry experts. By leveraging Facility Ally's powerful features, facility managers can optimize their operations and achieve greater efficiency.

Covered in This Episode:

Luke's Journey

Luke Wade shares his experience managing a sports league and his passion for sports and organization, which led him to develop software for automation.

The Creation of KC Crew

Luke's creation of KC Crew, a sports league in Kansas City, and its rapid growth within the first year.

The Challenges of Manual Facility Management

The challenges faced by Luke in managing leagues manually, including collecting paper waivers and handling scheduling and insurance.

Transitioning to Automation

Luke's decision to leverage his web development background to create software to automate league management, leading to the birth of The Ally.

KC Crew's Growth

The exponential growth of KC Crew and its focus on providing leagues for young professionals in downtown Kansas City.

Facility Collaboration with Steve Foutch

Luke's meeting with developer Steve Foutch, who saw the opportunity to invest in Facility Ally, resulted in KC Crew moving to Hy-Vee Arena.

Facility Ally's Launch and the Pandemic

The launch of Facility Ally coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent demand for improved facility management solutions.

Lack of Resources for Facility Management

Luke's realization that there is a lack of educational resources for facility managers and the need for the Facility Playbook.

The Purpose: To Support Facility Managers

Luke's intention is to share the mistakes, lessons, and success stories of facility managers and owners from different venues.

Facility Ally Revolutionizes Facility Management

The comprehensive features of Facility Ally streamline facility management operations, including rentals, memberships, lessons, and leagues.

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Join the Facility Playbook and explore the world of facility management with insights from industry pioneers and veterans. Whether you are a facility manager or owner, this podcast will provide valuable knowledge and tips to help you succeed. Discover how Facility Ally's all-in-one platform revolutionizes facility management, streamlining rentals, memberships, lessons, leagues, and more. Visit to learn more and embark on your journey toward efficient facility management.

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