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Drop Shots Pickleball


The founder of Drop Shots Houston was referred to Facility Ally by a mutual connection in the U.S. Sport & Social community.  The impetus for this connection was Shawn Outlaw’s impending launch of a new pickleball bar in Houston called Drop Shots.  At the time of this conversation in June of 2023, Drop Shots was two weeks from opening and they needed both a website and an operating system ASAP.



While this project was fairly straightforward it wasn’t without its challenges:

  1. Drop Shots needed a complete website developed from scratch
  2. Drop Shots needed a system to manage:
    • Court Reservations
    • Open Play
    • Lessons
    • Waivers
  3. There were 14 days until a “hard opening

With an absolute deadline established, there was no “wiggle room”…everything had to be up and running reliably and on-time.



Engaging partner company Media Ally, the team at Facility Ally chose to “divide and conquer”.  The Media Ally team immediately focused on the execution of their brand in a way that would represent the new facility boldly and accurately. The website was developed on WordPress, hosted on Media Ally’s dedicated server.

Simultaneously, the Facility Ally team began with a survey of their internal operating procedures to ensure that they and the Facility Ally system configuration were in alignment.  Their payment processing was configured via Stripe.

drop-shots-happy-players (2)


Both the new Drop Shots Houston website and Facility Ally booking system were deployed in under two weeks, enabling a successful launch of the new facility.  In the time since, Shawn has made recommendations to other local facilities and Drop Shots continues to fill their courts.

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