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Chicken N Pickle: The Growing Pickleball Eatertainment Concept

Chicken N Pickle has taken the pickleball and eatertainment industry by storm, becoming the largest and fastest-growing pickleball eatertainment concept in the United States. Originating in Kansas City, this unique concept combines fast-casual dining, pickleball, and outdoor entertainment, creating an unparalleled experience for visitors. In this podcast, we delve into the captivating story of Chicken N Pickle, its growth, the challenges faced, and its commitment to community engagement. To find Chicken n Pickleball Courts near you, click here.

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Revolutionizing the Pickleball Court Experience

Chicken N Pickle has revolutionized the pickleball eatertainment scene with its innovative concept that combines fast-casual dining, pickleball, and outdoor entertainment. With its roots in Kansas City, this community-driven brand has experienced remarkable growth and success. By fostering a welcoming environment, engaging in community initiatives, and consistently delivering exceptional experiences, Chicken N Pickle has become a beloved destination for pickleball enthusiasts and those seeking fun and entertainment.

Covered in This Episode:

The birth of Chicken N Pickle

Discover how the concept emerged from a passion for pickleball and a love for wood-fired rotisserie chicken, resulting in the fusion of dining and entertainment.

From counting coins to pickleball courts

Learn about Kellen Mumm's journey from a finance background to becoming the Director of Business Development at Chicken N Pickle, and how he got involved in the company's early stages.

The evolution of Chicken N Pickle

Explore the transition from focusing on pickleball leagues to incorporating a broader range of events and tournaments, attracting players of all ages and skill levels.

Challenges of managing a multi-faceted facility

Understand the complexities of running a facility that encompasses restaurant operations, pickleball courts, event management, and more, and how the team overcomes these challenges.

Chicken N Pickle's heart

Learn about Chicken N Pickle's emphasis on community involvement, including volunteer programs, charity initiatives, and a dedicated Day of Giving, which contributes to its success.

Fast-casual dining at Chicken N Pickle

Discover the unique fast-casual dining experience offered, where guests order at the cashier and then find open seating while enjoying food and drinks served by friendly staff.

Adding more courts

Gain insights into the strategic decision-making process behind opening new Chicken N Pickle locations, the challenges faced, and the importance of consistency and maintaining core values.

Embracing the pickleball boom

Understand how the rise in pickleball's popularity has positively impacted Chicken N Pickle, attracting players from all over the country to experience the brand's exceptional facilities and service.

Pickleball parties

Explore the significance of private events for corporate clients and the impact they have on generating repeat business, as well as the excitement generated by public events and tournaments.

Future expansion for Chicken N Pickle

Learn about Chicken N Pickle's ambitious plans for expansion, with several new locations slated to open in the coming years, solidifying its position as a premier destination for pickleball and entertainment.

From its humble beginnings to its nationwide expansion, Chicken N Pickle has remained true to its core values, creating a unique and memorable experience for its guests. With its commitment to community engagement, a passion for pickleball, and an unwavering focus on providing exceptional service, Chicken N Pickle is a shining example of how innovation, dedication, and a little bit of pickleball is transforming the eatertainment landscape.

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