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How to Generate Revenue in Your Sports Facility

In the world of sports facility management, success and stability don't come easy. But what if you had a roadmap to profitability? Enter Chuck Stollery, Membership Director of US Indoor, an organization built to help sports programs succeed. In this episode, we have a  thought-provoking conversation, sharing insights on maximizing revenue, the importance of cleanliness, customer engagement, and what the future holds for sports facilities. Join us as we uncover common pitfalls new facilities often fall into and start your business ahead of the game.  For more insights from Chuck, check out his episode on Staff Recruitment, Training, and Retention.

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Guide to Greatness

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on elevating your sports facility management game. In this blog, we'll hear some invaluable wisdom shared by Chuck Stollery, a seasoned expert in the field. From revenue-generating tactics to the nuances of running a successful sports facility, this guide will equip you with practical insights to take your facility to new heights.

Covered in This Episode:

  • The Cleanliness Connection
  • Define Your Focus
  • Getting Rid of Bad Apples
  • Future-Proofing Strategies

Highlights and Key Moments:

  • "You are in the space and time business, not sports."

  • "Don't lose time; it's your most valuable resource."

  • "See your payroll as an investment, not just an expense."
  • "Future-proofing is adapting to evolving play styles."

  • "Eliminate bad customers for a positive environment."

  • "Cleanliness is the foundation of a positive customer experience."

The Cleanliness Connection

Maintaining impeccable cleanliness is the foundation of any thriving sports facility. Chuck emphasizes that it goes beyond aesthetics – it's science. Cleanliness ensures that your players feel safe in the environment, not having to worry about their children getting into something they shouldn’t.  Chuck highlights that your facility should meet customers' basic needs. If they can't find a clean place to sit, or if your restrooms are less than sanitary, it's a recipe for customer turnover. It also sets the stage for the sport they’re here for, rather than distracting them. If your facilities are spotless, safe, and well-organized, you've nailed the basics. Chuck's key message: Cleanliness matters more than you think.


Define Your Focus

Focusing on core programs before adding extra events is a fundamental strategy that ensures the long-term success and sustainability of any organization or business. This approach involves the careful cultivation and enhancement of the primary services, products, or activities that define the core mission and value of an entity. By dedicating time, resources, and attention to these core programs, an organization can establish a solid foundation that resonates with its target audience, drives consistent revenue, and creates a reputation for excellence. Only once these core programs are operating optimally should an organization consider branching out to offer additional events, services, or products, as doing so prematurely may lead to diluted efforts and diminished returns. This principle is a key to maintaining focus and achieving meaningful growth and impact in any industry.

Getting Rid of Bad Apples

One of the most significant revenue-boosting strategies is getting rid of bad customers and players. Chuck advises that you shouldn't hesitate to remove disruptive individuals, teams, or players who don't align with your facility's culture. This prevents a few individuals from hijacking the environment and creating a safe, enjoyable space for everyone. This comes as a challenge, as staff members may not be appropriately trained to have these crucial conversations kindly. Consider roleplaying and training these new concepts as an investment in your staff and into your facility. Purging the bad apples is necessary for maintaining a positive, productive, and growth-focused environment.


Future-Proofing Strategies

As sports facility landscapes evolve, it's crucial to adapt. Chuck predicts a shift towards more flexible, pick-up-style play. The era defined by leagues requiring months-long commitment is over. In a post-COVID world, young professionals are looking to engage in fun activities that pull them out of their bubbles, but on their schedule and when they feel like it. While pick-up play has historically been looked down on by facility managers as gap fillers, your drop-in clients may be your new most loyal customers, and they should be treated as such. Chuck believes you can compete effectively by ensuring that pick-up experiences are as enjoyable and well-structured as league play. In a world of competing facilities, maintaining top-quality pick-up games for various sports can be a game-changer in revenue generation.


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Thank you for joining us on this episode of Facility Playbook! We hope the knowledge shared serves as a valuable resource for facility owners and managers seeking to thrive in the ever-evolving sports industry. Stay tuned for our next episode, where we will continue to bring you expert tips to help you navigate the dynamic world of facility management

Chuck's insights into sports facility management provide a blueprint for financial success. As you navigate this ever-evolving landscape, remember the significance of cleanliness, customer engagement, and future-proofing. Ensure that your facility offers a memorable experience, whether it's league play or engaging pick-up games. For more expert advice, stay tuned for the next episode of The Playbook.

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